Thursday, May 25, 2017

I DID IT!!!!!

I DID IT!!!! 

:insert happy dance, hands raised, smile on my face, jumping up and down:

Today I went to the cardiologist...I have dreaded this visit for the last two months.  Not because he's a mean guy, but because I needed results...and he was gonna shoot it to me straight if I didn't have the results he wanted...and I needed.  

Let's rewind to two months ago...I'm in church...listening to a sermon...and the right side of my jaw starts having this piercing pain.  I'm sitting there like "wow...this hurts". I continue to sit through the sermon and even afterwards, I'm talking to people.  The pain is worse, but ya know, gotta suck it up.  And then, my face goes numb.  I am trying to listen to this precious friend talk to me as I'm poking my face.  I'm sure she was thinking how weird is this lady that she's poking her face...and why in the world is she doing that?

I go to Hubby and I start tearing up...
Me: that kid's room.
Hubby:  What is going on?
Me:  I can't feel my face.  
Hubby:  What?
Me:  I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE! this point, we're both panicking, but he's pretty fabulous as keeping a calm front.  He calls our friend, he tells us to call my doctor, doctor says head to the ER, friends take my children, I yell at Hubby about going the speed limit from Morgantown to Bowling.  

We spend five hours in the ER...had our friend come to visit and make jokes...was treated like a stroke victim for the first four hours we were there, sent home with the diagnosis "you've got high blood pressure go see your doctor ASAP".  Thanks...I actually knew that!

Cardiologist tells me I need to exercise more.  He says that what I'm doing at school (all the jumping, running around, etc) isn't helping because my body is used to it.  So I've got to push my body more.  Exercise every day 30-60 minutes a day and watch everything I eat...need to eat clean and watch the sodium.  

Now...on that doctor's visit, I bawled like a baby.  I'm gonna be 40 in August and I'm in two blood pressure medicines.  I hate to take medicine.  I hate to exercise.  I hate to watch what I eat.  I'm in a lose-lose situation at this point.  

I went home that day...and I committed myself to getting off those medicines.  It's not going to be easy, but I am getting off of them.  

So the next day, I worked out 30 minutes.  I started Couch to app (cuz I'm cheap)...and I thought "duh, I can do this".  

OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I thought I was going to die.  Whoever invented 30 minutes straight of exercise needs a nap.  Sweat was all over my body and I was not enjoying it one bit.  The only part I liked was that I decide to watch "Friends" while I worked out on the treadmill...and realize that I'm more like Monica in every episode.  

And to top things off, I apparently can't read.  I thought it was an every day ordeal...and I didn't realize that until I was on week 3...and I was only 1 1/2 weeks into the exercise routine. Ugh!  

So every day I've exercised on that treadmill.  I mean, I'm already on the sixth season of Friends.  I've made it a part of my daily routine.  I let out frustration as a ran.  I complained while I ran.  I took my stress and ran to get rid of it.  It was weird, but amazing at the same time.  There were many times that I had to push myself to get on the treadmill...and nights I waited until the last minute to even look at the treadmill.  I would eat with the family and be gone for an hour as I exercised and watched Friends.  

And I loathed putting everything I ate in the fitness app.  I would cringe as I put things in because I didn't want my sodium to be too high.  I will say that I started looking at nutritional labels...and things were high opening to me.  Hubby and I started to read labels on everything...the entire family was in on it...not that the #s likes reading labels, but they helped me...they supported me.  

So fast forward to today...Hubby was kind enough to go with me.  We got there ten minutes early and we were taken to the room quickly.  The lady weighed me (I'm not a fan of this part either)...but...I LOST 12 POUNDS!!!!!  I mean, I've got from an x-large shirt to a medium.  I've worked my butt off.  

I DID IT!  My doctor came in with a big smile on his face...told me I've done well.  We talked about clean eating, my energy, my exercising...and then he dropped the bombshell on me....

Doctor: Listen, I want you to live a little also.  Don't put exercise above everything else.  Don't make it a cult or addiction.  Eat out and take a break...and then exercise and eat clean.  

WHAT?!?!?  I am one of those people that put 100% into whatever I put my mind to.  I was told I needed to exercise to get off these medications...and now you want me to live my life!?!?!?!  That's like saying "slow down", "take a break"...remember...I'm like Monica on Friends...I don't know what slow down means!

But guess a month, I get to cut one of my medicines in 1/2!  And in six months, if things are still good, I get off that other 1/2...and then we talk about the other medicine.  You bet your bottom dollar I'm going to exercise every day to end these medications!  

And guess what?  I did...I took Chick-Fil-A today for lunch for the #s...and I got something too.  And I didn't worry (too much) about it.  

So today after lunch I cleaned out the kitchen, den, and dining room.  Then I went to exercise on he treadmill...and enjoyed it.  I want off these medicines.  I want to be here for my family for a long time.  I want to let go of unneeded stress.  And with the fabulous support of Hubby and the #s, I pray that I continue to work towards getting off these medications and being healed in Our Life of Numbers!

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