Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye Shoes...I'm Gonna Miss You....

I am hard on shoes...REALLY hard on shoes.  All day long, I'm on my feet...dancing, walking, exercising, moving around.  I'm also in different kinds of, rainy, snowy, cold...all this not only in every day wear, but also while doing car rider duty (so truly in Kentucky all this weather could happen in the 30 minutes that I'm outside helping kiddos get in the car).

Next thing...I'm really cheap.  I don't like to spend money on shoes.  I mean, they go on my feet.  I walk on these shoes all day long.  Yes...I KNOW that I should have a great pair of shoes so I won't have back trouble, but I just can't seeing paying so much for shoes.  Hubby has a total difference of opinion.  He worked in a boot store in Nashville all through college and thinks that shoes should be fitted properly and should be changed at the first sign of any problems.

Back to my shoes...
I've had these babies for two years.  They have gone through so much...concerts, sports games, church, teaching elementary music, exercising, funerals, weddings, name it, these shoes have been with me.  Holes don't bother me...but one day out in car rider duty it was cold...and rainy...and when I took off my shoes, my socks were soaked.  It's like a little piece of me was dying.

I know you think I'm nuts...and I am...but I love these shoes!  I got them at a great deal (remember, I'm cheap) and they remind me of my childhood when Keds were actually a brand people knew.  I love the pattern because it could truly go with anything...and I wore them with EVERYTHING.  They are comfortable...they let my feet move when I was dancing with my kiddos.  They kept up with me while I worked.  They are part of my main part.

So we went to Opry Mills with some close friends yesterday and there was the Converse store.  I've never owned a pair of Converse.  I'm not big on name brands (remember, I was wearing Keds).  There was a sale...a 40% off Hubby coaxed me into entering the store...he even kept the kiddos out of the store so I could look.

I walked straight towards the back...that's where the sale was going on.  I looked at the entire wall of shoes.  They were beautiful!  Red one, gold ones, lace ones, colorful ones, apple ones, zip up ones, ones with was a never ending wall of amazing shoes...and at 40% off!  It was amazing!

And then I stopped.  I turned around and walked out of the store.  Hubby looked at me...
Hubby:  Did you find something you liked?

Me:  Yes.

Hubby:  Well...why didn't you get it?  

Me:  They're just shoes.  And the price is still really high.  Maybe I'll come back later.  
...and so we went on our way with our friends.  We had a great time playing games, eating dinner...and then it was time.  It was "shop or go home".  We decided to shop.  We went to the Converse store.  Feet sweating, heart racing....I went to the back of the store again...this time with my family.

As I went through the shoes with my eyes, I picked up a pair.  They were beautiful...and high tops...and still expensive....

Salesperson:  Those are a great pair of shoes.  They have a Nike insole and are one of our best product...I don't know why those are 40% off.  

Me:  Yes, but still with 40%, that's a high price. 

Salesperson:  No's 40% off that orange sticker.

Me:  So you mean I won't even pay $40 for these shoes?

Salesperson:  Ummmm....yeah.  

Hubby:  You should get two pair!  

I sat and picked up the shoe out of the box.  And then my old faithful shoes started talking to me...

Old Faithful Shoes:  What are you doing?  We've been through so much.

My Feet:  You have holes in you.  

Old Faithful Shoes:  That helps you breath better. 

My Feet:  And the rain?  I mean, seriously. 

Old Faithful Shoes:  Think of it as cleansing your feet.

My Feet: need to be thrown away.  You've got holes in you heels and your sides.  You've been a great pair of shoes, but I need something better.  People are going to start talking about her...that she can't afford shoes.  You don't want that, do you?

Old Faithful Shoes:  No...I love her.  We've been through so much.  

My Feet:  I know...and we appreciate you...we love you...but it's time.  It's time to let her go.  It's time to let her get a pair of shoes that are new...that fit...she needs that new shoe smell.  

Old Faithful Shoes:  I'm going to miss you all.  I'm going to miss the concerts every winter.  I'm going to miss running on her treadmill.  I'm going to miss making sure all the kiddos get in their car and go home after school each day.  But yes, it's time to go.  I love you...

And we came home with a new pair of shoes.  This afternoon when we were getting our shoes on to leave, I hesitated.
Me:  Maybe I should wait to wear these until Tuesday.

Hubby:  No...wear your new shoes.
I took the Converse shoe box out of the bag and pulled out the shoes.  I felt the sides and checked them one more time for holes.
...I gently placed my old faithful shoes in the Converse shoe box and into the Converse bag.  I placed the bag on the counter that the trash can sits under.  I turn away and then turn back one more time to see the bag.  Was this a good idea?  What if these new ones hurt my feet?  What happens if I don't move like I did before?  I mean, I'm 39 years old, I can't lose any moves I've had with my old faithful shoes.

I remember how excited #2 was when he received his new shoes for Christmas...
#2:  I will be able to run faster!  I'll be able to hit the goal each time!  I'm gonna be better with these shoes! I decided to try it out...maybe I'll dance better...maybe move faster...maybe I'll be a better teacher with these shoes in Our Life By Numbers!

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